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About Corps

There are 14 State-Certified Local Conservation Corps in California, each of which is an individual nonprofit organization serving its local region. The mission of each Local Conservation Corps is to preserve and protect the environment and provide job skills training and educational opportunities to young men and women, primarily ages 18-26.

Each Local Conservation Corps works with or operates a charter school where corpsmembers can earn their high school diploma or GED and get connected to college and vocational education programs. Corpsmembers are paid stipends and often receive scholarships upon completing their term of service. Local corps provide workforce training, on the job experience and valuable certifications to help corpsmembers move forward in their careers and provide local businesses with a skilled, diverse and enthusiastic workforce.

Local corps are at the forefront of conservation and other innovative community service efforts. Learn more about our many initiatives, and their impact, below.

  • “It’s important to support the work of local conservation corps, who actually do the work in communities to reduce waste, to increase recycling and to clean up when things go awry. It’s been a tremendous partnership. It’s been great for the environment. It’s been great for communities in terms of reducing waste. And it really has been the mechanism for training our workers of the future.”

    Mark Murray
    Mark MurrayExecutive Director, Californians Against Waste