PARTNER: ATP - Prop. 1 - Prop. 68

Active Transportation Program (ATP)

The Active Transportation Program (ATP) encourages participation of the Certified Local Conservation Corps on ATP projects by including them as one of the project selection criteria.

What is the Process for Partnering with a local corps?

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For more information refer to the ATP Conservation Corps Powerpoint.

How to Contact the Corps

California Association of Local Conservation Corps
Cailin Jessup
916-426-9170 x 2

California Conservation Corps
Nelson Bellesheim

How can your local corps assist on ATP projects?

State-certified local corps provide supervised crews of young adults trained and equipped to work safely on a wide variety of transportation-related projects, including:

  • Sidewalk repair;
  • Sign installation;
  • Irrigation;
  • Landscaping and tree planting;
  • Median maintenance;
  • Trail construction;
  • Urban park construction;
  • Graffiti removal;
  • Bike locker and bike rack installation;
  • Wildlife fencing;
  • Education programs;
  • And more…