PARTNER: ATP - Prop. 1 - Prop. 68

JEDI Commitment

For over thirty years, the California Association of Local Conservation Corps (CALCC) has been
committed to recognizing the power of diverse communities and their youth through initiatives
that honor economic and environmental outcomes through education, employment, and skill
building opportunities, preserving the environment, and increasing access to California’s natural
spaces. Our commitment to social and environmental justice is demonstrated by our dedication

● Giving a voice to our youth and the communities we serve across the State

● Being an advocate for environmental, juvenile, and social justice for all

● Recognizing and addressing systems of oppression through learning and action

As an Association, we believe that we enact the power and potential of our communities when
all members have a voice and are encouraged to contribute in a productive and positive
environment. We take collective responsibility in creating a space where everyone feels
included, respected, and comfortable in bringing their whole self to CALCC and our respective
Local Conservation Corps. We embrace people of all backgrounds, cultures, and life
experiences and seek to discover all that connects us, while also respecting our unique
differences. We honor diverse perspectives, hold space for truly hearing and understanding
each other, and harness our collective strengths to bring to our communities services that
promote justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity.