PARTNER: ATP - Prop. 1 - Prop. 68


In part due to its partnership with Local Corps, California has the highest recycling rate in the nation.

In addition, the Local Corps have been able to leverage state recycling funding into an additional $5 million of funding annually, adding to the value of this partnership.

Since its inception local corps have been an integral part of California’s pioneering recycling program. At first working to establish impactful bottle and can recycling community programs, local corps have since expanded to provide a wide range of recycling services and benefits to the communities they serve, helping to dramatically increase California’s overall recycling rates. Our local corps provide a wide range of recycling services, which can include:

  • Beverage container collection and recycling
  • E-waste collection and recycling
  • Building, supplying, and maintaining local and state parks recycling bins
  • Collection and disposal of used tires
  • Diversion of bulky items from landfill
  • Collection of mattresses for recycling
  • Used oil recycling
  • Edible food recovery
  • Organic waste collection and composting
  • Collection of carpet for recycling
  • Collection events for multiple materials
  • Community outreach and educational events