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Covid 19

  • The trainings go on!

    The trainings go on!

    To prepare for fire season, Fresno keeps up the training of their Central Valley Forestry Corps.

    “Wildfires are insane here; it seems like every year the state of Calfornia is burning. We’re trying to go from suppressing fires and being reactive, to being proactive to prevent the fires from happening. Looking at the trees, the types of grasses – what needs to be removed, how to remove them – that’s the new era of the fire industry.”
    -Joshua Soleno, assistant crew leader, Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps

  • Food Distribution

    Food Distribution

    “This is the type of work we need more of during the pandemic. I feel very rewarded by doing it because it’s what people need right now. A lot of people have lost their jobs, or lost their income for a short amount of time. The cost of living in CA is very, very high. So, whatever we can do to help people help their families and make ends meet, I think is really important.”
    -Antonio Valdes-Depena, Orange County Conservation Corps

  • Drive-Through Graduation

    Drive-Through Graduation at Los Angeles Conservation Corps

    Corpsmembers up and down the state graduate high school on time, thanks to their perseverance and to the responsive care of local corps teachers and support services staff.

  • Powerwashing downtown San Diego

    Powerwashing downtown San Diego

    “Right now, washing all the streets is a very important thing because we are cleaning all the sidewalks and sanitizing. It makes a big difference for our city. We wash the trashcans, which is even more important during this quarantine. I feel proud to be helping during this quarantine. It’s making a difference and it feels good because everything is clean, it’s disinfected, and it’s safe for people and the animals too.”

    – Ulisses Delgadillo, Urban Corps of San Diego

  • Paula Birdsong Quote

    “Once we got the order in the Governor’s press release, we shared with our corpsmembers that we were deemed as part of the essential workforce and there was a sense of pride. We can do our part. We are not medical professionals, but there are so many other things that have to happen so our community can continue to function.”

    – Paula Birdsong, Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps

  • Henrietta

    “We do anything we can to help our elders be safe and healthy during the pandemic. It makes me feel at peace that we can do this and that I’m involved in this type of service.”

    – Henrietta, Sequoia Community Corps

  • Kyle LaRue Quote

    “‘Thank you so much for being here,’ is a quote we hear a lot.

    – Kyle LaRue, Conservation Corps North Bay