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Covid 19

  • Kara Fiscus Quote

    “Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps is training essential workers who are carrying society through this pandemic. Amidst all this crisis, they continue to make time for additional projects and adapt. They are doing such a great job.”

    – Kara Fiscus, Leadership Sacramento Class of 2020

  • Devon Dorsey, CCEC

    Disaster Response

    At Santa Barbara and Santa Maria food banks, people wait for hours to receive food for their families. In partnership with the National Guard, Devon and his team from Cesar Chavez Environmental Corps are there to answer the call.

    “I love walking through there and knowing all this good food is going to people who need it. We see little kids. Knowing we can help put some food in their stomach, it feels good. It’s real good.”

    -Devon Dorsey, Cesar Chavez Environmental Corps

  • Shawn Riggins Quote

    “Even in the midst of a global pandemic, the segment of society that people mostly want to throw away, are the ones out there trying to help people. Everybody’s written these young people off, yet here they are, working in this terrible environment, trying to improve the lives for people who don’t even know they’re doing it.”

    – Shawn Riggins, Director, Fresno EEC

  • Hours Counter


    92,539 hours of paid job training completed at San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School

  • Corps Network Video

    California’s local corps are proud to part of the national Corps Network, committed to strengthening America through service and conservation, and helping young people and their communities to thrive!

  • San Francisco General Hospital counter


    45,640 lb of recyclable materials collected at San Francisco General Hospital in April 2020 by San Francisco Conservation Corps

  • Clarence Jones Quote

    “Since joining the corps in February 2020, in just four months, I’ve achieved my high school diploma, I have an apartment, I’m enrolled in college, and I’m working on my driver’s license. I’ve never really worked with the community before; I’ve never had the opportunity to to do something good for someone else or that someone else relies on. Now I’m part of a bigger thing; I have a purpose. This has changed my entire mindset.”

    – Clarence Jones, San Jose Conservation Corps+Charter School

  • Safety Protocols

    Safety Protocols at Conservation Corps North Bay

    Local corps are following all the safety protocols, providing protective gear, practicing social distancing, setting up sanitation stations and regularly disinfecting all vehicles, equipment and workspaces.

  • Constructing Hospital Tents

    Constructing Hospital Tents

    “We are all working as a team. We all understood why we were there. I’m pretty sure everyone felt excited and proud to be able to help.”

    -Julio Castellanos, assistant crew leader, Conservation Corps of Long Beach

  • Keir Klingenberg Quote

    “The first day , everyone came back and was super tired. I asked them, “How’s it goin? Is it worth it?” And they said, “ Yes! It’s totally worth it.” They totally latched on to it. This is what it’s about. This is what the Conservation Corps is about. It’s about really helping, for people who really really need it.”

    – Keir Klingenberg, Cesar Chavez Environmental Corps