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Covid 19

  • San Jose’s CALCC video

    California’s local corps are
    Helping local food banks
    Building emergency shelters
    Disinfecting senior centers
    Delivering food and supplies
    Constructing hospital tents
    Expanding corpsmember supports.

  • People Served Counter


    60,000+ people served every day

    CA’s local corps partner with local food banks to provide healthy food to those in need in their communities.

  • Dan Knapp Quote

    “This type of emergency solidifies the reasoning behind a conservation corps: it’s engagement in something worthwhile and meaningful for the young folks we serve, and there’s nothing more worthwhile than protecting their community.”

    – Dan Knapp, Executive Director, Conservation Corps of Long Beach

  • Jacob, SCC

    “We are here by choice. We are here because we want to help our community. To be able to do that, to provide food and help keep the virus from spreading – we are part of history.”

    –Jacob Santillan, Sequoia Community Corps

  • Disaster relief (SJCC video)

    In addition to food distribution and other emergency and essential services, San Jose Conservation Corps has built and is managing emergency shelters to support the homeless population.

  • Carlos Campero Quote

    “You have young people unloading semi-trucks of diapers, wrapping them and palletizing them to go to a non-profit helping single moms with no other way to provide for their babies – they can say, “During this pandemic, I did something important.”

    – Carlos Campero, Los Angeles Conservation Corps

  • CCNB

    Fire season is upon us and fires don’t care about COVID-19: local corps across the state are continuing to prepare for fire season through fire fuel reduction services.
    Conservation Corps North Bay

  • Jacob Santillan, SCC

    Disaster Response

    Sequoia Community Corps supports the elders in their community, disinfecting senior centers, packaging and delivering over 700 meals a week, and doing wellness checks.

  • Jeff Liberman Quote

    “The most precious resource you have is manpower, and the Conservation Corps has the infrastructure, has the ability to respond.”

    – Jeff Liberman, Commander, Long Beach Police Department

  • hygiene supplies tweet

    Corpsmember Support

    “Our case managers are checking in with all our corpsmembers at least twice a week, seeing if there are any needs we can fill. We do Safeway runs to pick up food and then distribute those items. We’re also offering twice a week in-person food pantries. We’re figuring out how to do distance learning and mini workshops and helping them find other jobs, get their resumes polished, get all their certificates in place.”

    – Monique Hooks, Conservation Corps North Bay